Letterpress Workshops

The Workshop

Crow Designs Studio • 334 Adams Ave., Scranton, Pennsylvania
Presses: Showcard table top; can print up to 14 x 22 inches • Kelsey 6 x 10 tabletop
First Friday Calendar

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Spring Letterpress Workshops:

Private Parties and weekday hours are available beginning in May.


  • Introduction to Letterpress. Learn how to use wood and metal type to make a printed piece. You’ll learn how to lock up type, ink it, select paper and use the proof and platen presses. Classes are 3 hours long and class size is limited to 5. Paper and ink provided. Price: $35

Saturday, April 19. 10-1
Sunday, April 20, 1-4 pm
Monday, April 21, 6-9 pm
Wednesday, April 30, 6-9 pm

Sunday, May 4, 1-4 pm
Tuesday, May 6, 1o am-1 pm
Saturday, May 10, 10 am-1 pm

  • Bookplate Design-Ex Libris. Did you ever want to make your own “From The Library of…? This workshop will briefly cover the history of bookplate design. You’ll learn how to lock up your letterpress design and print it. Select from hundreds of vintage cuts and ornaments to make your own design…or cut your own custom stamp. Lastly there will be a demonstration on how to glue into your book. Cost: $35
    Bookplates: http://www.bookplate.org/page/about-ex-libris

    • Monday, May 5, 6-9 pm
    • Sunday, May 11, 2-5 pm

Courses by request:

  • Linoleum Block Printing. Create and cut your own relief art that can be  printed with letterpress type—you can use a line sketch or trace and transfer line art images.  Linoleum blocks of different sizes will be available. Blocks will be printed on the press and will cover how to hand print them at home. Price: $50, blocks up to 6 x 9 are provided, paper and ink included. You may purchase larger blocks ( 8 x 10 up to 12 x 12). Request a Date
  • Poster Printing with Wood Type. Print posters up to 14 x 22 inches on a Showcard proof press. Use multiple colors. Classes are 3 hours long and class size is limited to 4. Paper and ink provided. Price: $35.  Previous experience using letterpress preferred, but not required. Request a Date
  • DIY Coasters. Want to make your own custom bar coasters? Pick from circles, square or rectangular shapes. Logos or custom art can be ordered ahead of time with two week’s notice. Coasters and ink provided. No experience needed. Price: $30 plus cost of polymer plate if needed.
    Request a date.
  • Paper structures. Learn how to fold paper into custom envelopes, folios, small boxes and more. We will explore printing options such as small rubber stamps and printing on the press. Request a date.
  • Monotype Printing: Try out one of the most liberating forms of printmaking. Learn to create one-of-a-kind prints using direct drawing and painterly techniques. Explore color mixing, brushwork, and ghost images.  You will love this direct and expressive type of printmaking. No previous experience required. Price $40. Supplies included in price, but feel free to bring paper of your own and some images for inspiration.  Request a date.
  • Zine History and Printing. Print handmade magazines up to 8.5 x 11 inches. Use multiple colors. Classes are 3 hours long and class size is limited to 5. Paper and ink provided. Price: $30.  Previous experience using letterpress preferred, but not required. Request a date.

Looking for something else?

  • Individual instruction is available and private party groups can be scheduled.
  • Courses are open to ages 15 and above.
  • Gift certificates available

Open Studio/Press Rental

$10/hour with minimal supervision

Once you take the introduction class, you may rent press time to work on your own projects. Price includes ink, use of wood and metal type, but you must provide your own paper.

Please fill out the form below to sign up for a workshop or for more information.

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